Rule Change Effective June 1, 2015
Pleasure horses may cross enter in Pleasure classes ONLY, with appropriate shoe size at any given show.
Open shod & Lite shod horses may cross enter in Open shod;  Lite shod horses may show in either Lite or Open shod classes at any show, and may step back down from Open shod to Lite 
Shod at the same show.
Open Shod designated classes apply to Lite Shod & Open Shod horses, ONLY
Open Specialty and 15 Hands & Under Classses are NOW Open Shod classes, and open only to Lite and Open Shod entries**
**(if entries should warrant, at future shows, these classes may be offered in the Pleasure division, for Pleasure entries, only, and will be indicated as such on the class sheet)
"Horses May Step Up In Class Divisions, and Back Down Again"
The Board of Directors recently approved the ruling:  Horses may "Step Up" in shoe size description classes,  example:  Lite Shod can step up to Open Shod, or Trail Pleasure to Lite Shod,  and Can then step back down to their original designated division, all at the same show.
This ruling is to encourage entries, and also, by requests from exhibitors.  This ruling DOES NOT APPLY to stepping up in AGE.  In order to step up, your horse must stay in its AGE division, as per class description
NSSHA Shows affiliation change, effective April 15, 2013




Effective April 15, 2013 all NSSHA Horse Shows will be affiliated with DQP Services HIO.
Judges for current shows will be  individuals who are qualified Spotted Saddle Horse and Pleasure Horse owners, or those who have extensive backgrounds in the industry.  Plans include, at a later date, a Judge's clinic.  Some shows may contain Apprentice Judges.  Anyone interested in serving as a Judge, or as an Apprentice, should contact NSSHA.

Print-outs of Shoeing requirements, Fines and penalties, and other information will be available at all shows.

We will be honoring other HIO Suspension lists, anyone appearing on those Suspension lists must complete their penalties, prior to entering in any NSSHA Show or Event.



Protest Fee
Effective June 3, 2012, the protest fee has increased to $200, the fee is Non-refundable.  If a Protest is filed, along with the $200 fee,  the entire, current NSSHA Board of Directors will serve as the Hearing Committee.

Rule Revision to Lead Line Class

All participants in the Lead Line Class (Riders age 6 & Under) will receive a Blue Ribbon. Each Participant, at all shows, will receive points equal to a 1st place tie.

Any Participant accumulating 75 or more points, will receive an Award at the Annual Awards Banquet.

All Participants/entries must pay an entry fee at all shows, No Prize Money will be awarded. Funds derived from entry fees (less DQP inspection fees), will accumulate in a Lead Line Fund, to be used to purchase Awards for all qualifying Riders.

Lead Line Class will Not be Judged/Tied.

All other Lead Line Class Rules, as found in the NSSHA Rule Book will apply.


Entering into Show Classes


Any Horse entering the wrong class will be dismissed or disqualified. The second offense of entering the wrong class will disqualify the horse and responsible party for the remainder of the show. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENTERING YOUR HORSE IN THE CORRECT CLASS.


Amateur Owned and Trained Division


1. An Amateur Owned and Trained Class is one in which every contestant is either an amateur who owns the entry being shown, or is an amateur member of the owner’s immediate family, unless otherwise stated in the prize list.


2. Amateur Owned and Trained Classes may be offered in any division using the specifications as set forth in the respective Division Rules. If Amateur Owned and Trained Classes are offered leading to an Amateur Owned and Trained Championship, judging specifications should follow those of the Amateur Owned and Trained Class.


3. Combined Ownership is permitted in Amateur Owned and Trained Classes. Note: Any horse, which is jointly owned, and either owner receives remuneration for training, is considered a customer’s horse. The horse is ineligible to be shown in Amateur Owned and Trained Classes.


4. Anytime there is a question as to ownership of a horse, the owner in question, upon request, must provide sufficient proof of purchase to the satisfaction of NSSHA within the time specified. The rule shall be strictly enforced.


5. Amateur Owned and Trained Division


a. In all cases, with no exception, original registration must be in the name of exhibitor or a member of the immediate family.


b. Ownership by a company or corporation is prohibited.


c. The horse may not have been in a professional training facility or boarded on the property of a professional training facility, for any part of the 30 consecutive days immediately prior to an exhibition. The horse may not be assisted in any physical manner with the preparation, training or exhibition from a professional or an agent thereof for a period of 30 days prior to an exhibition.


d. Exhibitors in Amateur Owned and Trained Classes may not use headsets, radios or any type of communication device during exhibition in Amateur Owned and Trained Classes. No coaching from the rail by a trainer will be allowed in Amateur Owned and Trained classes. A trainer cannot provide transportation to or from an exhibition of Amateur Owned and Trained horses.


e. Violation of any of the rules regarding the Amateur Owned and Trained Classes will apply to the exhibitor, professional trainer or an agent thereof, and horse involved.


f. Exhibition by a trainer or his/her immediate family is prohibited in all Amateur Owned and Trained Classes. Immediate family consists of spouse, children, parents, siblings or grandchildren.


g. Any rider may show Amateur Owned and Trained horses in juvenile, amateur or open classes.


Shoe Size Change:


(Effective 4-05-10)


Country Pleasure: Stamped Cast Keg Shoe, no handmades


Trail Pleasure: 3/4" X 7/16 " Shoe


*Show Pleasure: 3/4" X 1/2 " Shoe


*Lite Shod Performance: 1" X 1/2" Shoe


*Open Shod Performance: 1 1/2" X 1/2" Shoe


This adjustment of Shoe Sizes replaces Shoe Size Rules on page 36 of the NSSHA Official Rule Book


An exhibitor is considered to have fallen when rider is separated from a horse that has not fallen in such a way to necessitate remounting or vaulting into the saddle.


A horse is considered to have fallen when the shoulder and haunch on the same side have touched the ground.


The fall of a horse or exhibitor will disqualify the entry from the class, unless there is an equipment malfunction. The Ringmaster or Judge will make the determination if fall is due to an equipment malfunction.


A rider may dismount upon recognition of Time Out to replace a shoe thrown in the ring. The Time Out rule for reshoeing will allow a total of 15 minutes. NSSHA is not responsible for providing farrier services.


There will be a 5 minute limit for an acknowledged time out. Rider may dismount to make minor adjustments to equipment after time out is acknowledged. Time out for a thrown shoe will include the 5 minute limit plus an additional 10 minutes for replacement of the shoe for a total of 15 minutes. Any entry exceeding the time out limit will be excused. There will be no more than 2 requests per entry per class.




Rule change from Trainer Status to Amateur Status: Once a person has determined himself/herself to be a "Professional" for horse show purposes he/she shall retain this status until such time as an application is made to the NSSHA. Any person who has been a Professional and who desires to be reclassified as an Amateur on the grounds that said person no longer engages in the activities which make him/her a Professional must notify the NSSHA Board in writing.

One year after receipt of said notice he/she may become officially reclassified. A person shall not change status more than one time in three years.

Persons who have requested a change of status from Professional to Amateur and are currently serving their waiting period, may be issued an interim card by the NSSHA for an annual fee and may show in open classes during this interim period.

Any person who, under these rules, is a Professional and knowingly and falsely represents himself or herself to be an Amateur in order to exhibit in Amateur classes, and any person who violates any of the provisions of these rules, shall be subject to disciplinary action.


Must be a member to show in 3 Major Shows: Effective Jan. 1, 2009, all exhibitors in the 3 Major Shows, Spring, Mid-Season, & Fall World Grand Championship Shows, must be a current dues paid member, prior to entering classes at these shows


This Rule applies to All Owners of horses being exhibited, Trainers of horses being exhibited, and all exhibitors, all these individuals must be a current dues paid NSSHA member in good standing to participate in the 3 Major Shows. (Family Memberships include 2 spouses, and all children age 15 & under, individuals age 16 & older must purchase their own membership)


Juveniles age 12 & older may show in Amateur Classes:Juveniles age 12 & older will be allowed to compete in Amateur Classes (as well as their Juvenile Division Classes).  Juveniles showing in Amateur Classes will receive points as a Juvenile, not Amateur.  This is to allow Juveniles age 12 & older riding stallions a class in which to show, as well as to increase class/show participation.


Changes Regarding Year End Awards:  Effective, beginning in 2008, there will be only one Trainer of the Year Award, which will be an overall Trainer Award.  The Trainer will receive points from all horses trained by himself/herself, points from the wins of his Amateur & Juvenile trained horses, as well as horses exhibited by himself/herself, the overall tally of all points, combined, will determine the winner of the Trainer of the Year Award.  (This will eliminate the second Trainer of the Year Award, which has been presented in the past, to the trainer of Amateur & Juvenile Horses)


We will be presenting two new Awards, Amateur of the Year & Juvenile of the Year.  These awards will be a tally of points received by an exhibitor, in their classes, throughout the year, regardless of how many different horses are exhibited in various classes, within your division.  (Please refer to Rule Above, regarding Juveniles age 12-17 showing in Amateur Classes--these entries will receive Juvenile Points, not Amateur points)


We feel it is time to honor all exhibitors, Juveniles, Amateurs, as well as Trainers, with an overall, Horse of the Year Award, a tally of the most points earned.  (Horse of the Year Awards are still to be awarded in the class divisions).  It is very important to participate at all shows, to earn the most points.


A Minimum of 75 points must be accumulated to be considered for Year End Awards: Points are accumulated from your placing(s) 1-5, at all NSSHA shows each season., in each division in which you show. Points remain within the class division in which you compete , points are not added from one division to another. Some shows give single points, some double points, etc, with some shows giving Quintuple (x 5) points for your placing. A minimum of 75 points must be accumulated in any division by exhibitors, to be considered for the Year End tally for awards. Divisions with no exhibitor meeting required points, will not earn an award for that year. You do not have to pay a fee, or nominate your horse, to enter into the Year End Awards Program, your horse is automatically entered when you show, the NSSHA office calculates the Points at the Year's End.


14-2 hands & under Rule Change:  The 14-2 Hands & Under Class has been changed to 15 Hands & Under, to accomodate more entries, as our breed has grown in size.


Youth Model Class, age 17 & Under May Have Assistant:  Assistant may assist handler (exhibitor) to the Line-up, if needed.  However, once horse arrives at the Line-Up, Assistant must step back an appropriate distance; Handler (exhibitor) must pose the horse in the Line-Up.  Assistant can verbally coach the handler, however, the assistant cannot touch the horse or exhibitor, unless the horse becomes unruly.  If the assistant touches the horse or exhibitor, the entry will be disqualified.  Assistant must be 18 years of age or older.