NSSHA Seeking Corporate Sponsors & Spring Show Sponsors

The NSSHA Office & Members of the Board of Directors are currently seeking Corporate Sponsors, as well as Spring Show Sponsors. The Corporate Sponsorship Program assists in the presentation of our Three Major Shows, Spring, Mid-Season & Championship Shows, as well as day-to-day Operations.

We are asking everyone to assist us in this area. If you are unable to Re-new your Corporate Sponsor, or become a New Corporate Sponsor, please become a Sponsor for the Spring Show, a one night Show sponsor, or a Sponsor for the other two Major Shows, the Mid-Season & Championship. 

Sponsorships are vital to the success of our Shows. During these difficult times, please continue to support the NSSHA, even if you can only do Ribbon Sponsorships. Any assistance that anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.

Also, please remember, Any individual who secures $1000 or more in Corporate Sponsorships will receive an Advertising Award of Excellence at the Annual Awards Banquet. If you need further information regarding our Corporate Sponsorship Program, please visit our website, and click on Corporate Sponsors. The Corporate Sponsorship package offers many benefits.


The NSSHA will continue to register Sabino Horses, indefinitely. The Association is committed to making registration available for all horses that qualify by color and gait. Once your $50 Annual Family Membership fee is paid, any horse qualifying by color and gait can be registered for the very low fee of $30.00, regardless of age.


All advertising debts (Journal & Calendar) and Class Sponsorship Debts are Due within 30 Days of Billing, with a late fee of $20.00 added on the 31st Day, and $20 on every 31st day thereafter, until paid. After 60 Days of non-payment, the individual or business will be added to the Bad Debt list, which is published, and also, which will appear on our web site.

Corporate Sponsorships must pay half of the fee by July 31, and the remaining Balance by Sept. 1. Non-payment by the required date will result in being barred from association events, until payment is received.


Advertising is now available on the NSSHA web site.

Please contact us for pricing and complete details.

We urge everyone to place their online advertisments with us, to reach the most interested clients. Please contact the NSSHA office, (615) 890-2864, with any questions you may have.