All Lead Line Exhibitors, age 6 & Under, who plan to show at the 35th Annual World Grand Championship Show,  need to pre-enter for this class  by Sept. 1, so that we will make sure to have enough awards on hand for all exhibitors.  You will not pay your entry fee until the night of your class.  Pre-entries can be made by calling the office, by email, or at any of the upcoming shows, prior to Sept. 1.

All exhibitors in the Lead Line Riders class, age 6 & Under receive a Championship ribbon, Award Medallion, and a Floral Horse Shoe.  This is our way of encouraging and awarding our youngest riders.

All NSSHA Show Exhibitors; Juveniles, Amateurs, & Trainers, will be required to complete & sign an additional  form this year, when applying for your Exhibitor's or Trainer's card.  The additional form is the NSSHA Exhibitor's Code of Ethics/Release of Liability Form.  The form can be downloaded, along with your exhibitor card application, from our website.  The forms will also be available at all shows.  Exhibitor cards will not be issued until the form is completed & signed. 

The NSSHA Board of Directors recently made the difficult decision to place the NSSHA Breeder's Incentive Program on hold, for the time being.  The decision was made, due to the lack of participation in the program.  With sufficient participation and entries, the Program may be reinstated, at a later date.  If you have comments on this program, please feel free to contact the NSSHA office, or a Board Member.

The requirements to receive an Advertising Award of Excellence at the Annual Awards Banquet has been expanded to read as follows:

Any individual securing $1000 or more in Class sponsorships, Advertisements, Show sponsorships, or Corporate Sponsors will receive the Award.  The $1000 total can be secured from any of these areas, for a total of $1000 or more.  (previously the $1000 had to be secured in the form of Corporate Sponsorships, only)  We will keep a tally sheet for all monies secured, by individuals.  This Award division is open to all members, you do not have to serve on the Board of Directors to participate in this award process.  We encourage everyone to get involved,  we want and need your participation.  If you have questions, please contact the NSSHA office for additional details

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